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Another way to follow the working of the Divapixie of Fools and Jewels jewelry studio.

Wynton is not impressed with his new shirt. But he looks so damn cute in it.
I was up to no good in the greenhouse today…. Well…. Maybe a little good.

I am dabbling in the world of felt creations. Tonight I tried my hand at blanket stitching.

My reflections on Finn Hudson

I have been watching Glee for a few years now. I am 34 year old music teacher who decided one summer to see what this whole Glee thing was about. I binge watched the whole first season and while I was struck with the unrealistic nature of the show, the music, stories, and characters drew me in and kept me coming back.
Finn Hudson has always been one of my favorite characters. Imperfect, struggling to find himself in a mixed up world, desperately searching for the dream to cling to. I loved him. He was everyone I had ever met at some point in their life. He really personified the human condition for me. Not everyone has a clear cut path selected. Not everyone has their path laid out. We all struggle with our own identities and self loathing at some points in our lives. But he was, deep down, a good guy. You rooted for him. You wept for him. You cheered for him.
Finn Hudson for me represented so many things and people. I have taught high school choir. Finn reminded me of so many of my students. Losing him was like losing them. It hurt.
Finn reminded me of the high school friends I have lost. Some during my high school years, some shortly after they graduated. Lives cut tragically short with so much seeming wasted potential. It hurts.
It still hurts.
Regardless of how you feel about Glee as a show, regardless of how you feel about addiction and addicts, regardless of how you feel about Cory Monteith, last night’s Glee episode struck a chord with nearly all who saw it for some very basic reasons.
1. It was about love.
2. It was about the human condition.
3. It was meant to help cope not with the death of just one person or character, but remind us to really live and love.
4. It touched everyone who saw it…. Because it was real and human.
5. Grief never really leaves, it just folds into who you are. It transforms you.
6. It reminded us to treasure our relationships.

A small sampling of the gorgeous flowers growing in my garden this season.

Mmmmmmmm…. Killer brownies…. Who’s drooling now?

Making fairy doors and windows….. I think they look good so far.

I think the gnome couple in my front garden is gay.  Why you ask?  Because one is hiding outside of the fence while the other is on the front stoop yelling for him.  Super cute!

Some pictures of the jewelry set up on my Farmer’s market table. I sell baked goods and some of the produce from my garden as well.

Hollyhocks are blooming in my backyard!